Thursday, May 5, 2011

Self EFT: Creative Solutions When You Don't Know What to Say

While the right words are very helpful in EFT, they are not completely necessary.  If you would like to tap on your own but get stuck on what to say, you can simply tap without words. Below are some informal, yet effective, tapping ideas that do not require “the right words”.

  1. Tap to a song. Pick a song that you really connect with, and tap along. It will likely bring up some intensity, and issues may spring to mind. Feel free to pause the song, and tap to whatever comes up for you, or simply listen over and over again while tapping until it no longer triggers you. Sometimes you may not have even realized the meaning of some songs to you until you tap while listening, and it all becomes clear.

  1. Tap with a picture. Find a picture of yourself or someone important in your life and tap while looking at it. There need be no words.

  1. Mentally tap while lying in bed. You can imagine that you are tapping in your mind, with or without words, and the results are almost as effective as physically tapping. Mental tapping tends to be very relaxing and can help lead you to a more peaceful sleep.

  1. Rant and tap. Simply start talking about an issue, letting yourself rant and rave, freely expressing your emotions, and tap through the points.

  1. Tap to a letter/e-mail. Tap to a letter that someone sent you that upset you. Write a letter, with or without the intent to send it, that expressing your feelings freely. Read it while tapping, and you will likely find your perspective changing.

  1. Tap during upsetting conversations. If you feel yourself being drawn into someone else's drama, while on the phone or otherwise, it is the perfect time to tap. You can still be compassionate, even if you do not get caught up in the drama.

  1. Role Play. Have a pretend conversation with the person who upset you, while tapping. Tell them what you would like to tell them. When you have reduced the intensity, reverse it and speak as if you are the other person talking to yourself, while tapping. You may be surprised at what comes up.

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Happy Tapping!

Rachel Hazelwood