Saturday, June 11, 2011

Be Kind to Yourself.

This week's trend in my clients has been people who are terribly hard on themselves. The mindset is, "I should be over this by now".  Why? If no one validated your experience, and even you have not validated your experience, how in the world do you expect yourself to be "over it"? Forgive yourself that you aren't perfect. Perfectionism is the enemy of good. Why beat yourself up over being unable to attain the impossible?

Instead tell yourself, I choose to feel good about where I am right now. I choose to recognize my strengths and honor them. I choose to honor the difficulties I've been through, the lessons I've learned, and my feelings about them. Feelings are valid whatever they are because they simply "are". They are messages that tell you that you've lost something, you've been wronged, or there is a danger. Feelings arise so that you may mourn the loss, right the wrong, or avoid the danger. Do not bury them deep within your stomach, or in your shoulders, or knees. Recognize them. Recognize yourself, and say, I feel this way, and that's okay.  I accept myself and my feelings. Be patient with yourself, as you would with a friend who is embarking on a journey of self discovery. What a journey it is!  Deeper than the sea, higher than the stars, the depth of a human soul is what we are discovering. The depth of your soul deserves to be discovered and nurtured, for it has an inherent value.  It always has, and it always will.

Baby steps are good. They take you forward, until quite suddenly you have found that you are already walking.  Then you can run, and then you can soar.  There is no hurry though, because the real "you" that you are seeking is right there inside of you already.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

EFT Tapping Points & Instructions

Tapping Directions in Brief:
1).  Assess your discomfort level on the issue you'd like to tap on, with a scale of 0-10 (10 being a high level of discomfort)
2).  Setup:  Using several fingers, start tapping gently on the Karate point while repeating:  "Even though I have this problem (be specific), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
3).  Round: Tap gently about 7 times on each point while repeating the reminder phrase about this issue, "this problem" (be specific).  The points do NOT need to be precise.  Tapping on one side of the body is fine, but both sides are better.
4).  Reassess the intensity of the discomfort.
5).  Repeat tapping procedure using "this remaining problem" (be specific) until the discomfort is at a 0. Notice memories or different feelings that may come up, and tap on them too.
If your number does not move, drink a glass of water and try again.  Or you may be experiences "shifting aspects", in which case pay close attention to whether the intensity has shifted to some other emotion or event.  You have the choice to follow the different one or go back to the original.
If you want to work on a particularly intense trauma, I highly recommend that you seek assistance from a qualified professional.
For tapping examples, explore, searching for "EFT and my issue".  Keep in mind that while tapping along is great, EFT is most effective when you are specific to your issue: your emotions, thoughts, sights, sounds, and even smells.
Happy Tapping!

Finding Reiki

My first experience of Reiki came at a time when I was just beginning to want to believe in miracles again. Up to that point, I had become very disillusioned about anything that could not be scientifically demonstrated: including God, and anything mythical or spiritual. Gradually I came to realize again that there is far more under the sun than what can be seen, explained, or even understood.

I went to my first Reiki Share not expecting much. I did not consider myself to be sensitive to "energy" (whatever that was). I did not know if I really believed any of that hokum, and was afraid of being disappointed. Sitting across from the Reiki Master as she held her hands over someone on a massage table, I felt a sort of vibration. It was very hard to explain to myself, or to put my finger on. I thought surely that I must be imagining it. I closed my eyes and willed the feeling away, but instead it grew stronger. When it was my turn on the table, I felt interesting energetic sensations that I could no longer chalk up to my imagination.
What on Earth is Reiki? As my Reiki Master said, it is far easier just to show you than to try to explain. To me, it feels like light, like warmth, like something I can best describe as energy or spirit. It feels good, real, and powerful. Everyone experiences it differently, but almost everyone I have spoken to finds it very pleasant, relaxing, and maybe even a little enlightening. 

It is good to believe in something beyond ourselves. Whether you believe it is from God, of this earth, or simply born out of our desire for it to be real, Reiki is a wonderful experience, and I wish to share it with everyone who is seeking.

I left my first Reiki Share with a feeling of peace. I had finally found something for me, that verified my own experience that whatever anyone else believes of God or the supernatural, or what have you, I felt full, content, and connected to something greater than myself. As always, I am hungry to learn more.

As I have grown in my experience of Reiki, I have witnessed many things that verify my experience.  Rapid healings and spiritual growth are commonplace with Reiki.  Mostly though, I can feel the change in myself.  When I feel stuck, tired, or just plain out of sorts, I turn to Reiki.  It helps me feel better, puts things back in perspective, and me back on my path.  When I do not know how to help someone, I give them Reiki.  Like a prayer with a powerful intent, it releases my need to control, and helps the recipient heal in their own way.  It connects me to spirit, and to something bigger than myself and my small concerns.  This is why I practice Reiki.  This is why I teach it.