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Does It Mean I'm Bad if Bad Things Happen to Me?

Today I am honored to have a guest blogger:  Chip Engelmann of, one of my mentors, expert in the Law of Attraction and EFT.  I hope you feel inspired by his thoughts!  If you have trouble working with the Law of Attraction, he can help.

Does It Mean I'm Bad if Bad Things Happen to Me?

Yes and No.

Let's step back from this a bit and sort it out. You are a Being of Light and Love. There is nothing bad about you. You are perfect just the way you are. You have chosen to create expansion by becoming physically-focused. You do this by giving birth to an endless stream of thoughts. Law of Attraction organizes these thoughts in two ways.

  1. Thoughts you give birth to attract thoughts of similar vibration.
  2. The thoughts you believe to be true manifest in your physical reality.

You can be or have anything you want. In fact there is only one rule to this manifestation process.

You make all the rules.
So if your rule is:

Bad things happen to me therefore I must be bad.

Then yes, you are right. In fact, anything you believe to be true is true for you. You are right no matter what you think because you made that rule. Now the question is, is this something you want to be right about?

My guess is that the subject does not feel very good to you and is a source of contrast. And this is the way it should be. Emotions, whether you like the way they feel or don't like the way they feel, are neither good or bad.

Emotions are the vibrational expression of the thought you are thinking.

If the emotion feels good, it is in alignment with what you want in life. And if it feel badly, they are in contrast to what you are wanting in life. So if when you think that you are bad, you feel badly, it simply means that the thought does not serve you. This contrast is simply part of the process that helps you get what you want. It is a good thing.

You see, contrast gives you the opportunity to refine and re-define what you want. If you don't like the fact that “bad things happen to you,” you might want to revisit your decision that you are bad. This is probably a decision you made early in your life.

One thing I ask my clients to do is to listen to the voice that is telling you you are bad. My guess it is someone in your childhood, and most likely one of your parents. Who is it? What are they saying to you? What emotions are coming up?

No matter how you feel it is perfect. You don't have to like the way you feel. Remember, the emotion itself is just a vibrational expression of a thought you are thinking. It is information.

The first step is becoming okay with the way you feel. Even if the thought is “I hate myself.” and you don't like the way that feels, that bad-feeling is only telling you that “I hate myself” does not serve you. The bad-feeling emotion is only conveying information.

So, can you be okay with the way you feel? Is not the emotion you are feeling appropriate?

Once you allow yourself to be okay with how you feel, let the emotion run its course. What are the thoughts that are coming to you?

Once you have identified the thought that does not serve you and can understand why you chose to think it, what thought would you rather have? When you choose, try to come up with a thought that is most expansive to the situation. I find it is a good idea to remember who you are, a Being of Light and Love.

So an example of your expansive thought might be:

I am a magnificent Being of Light and Love. Every thought I give birth to expands the Universe, whether if feels good to me or not. I can't help but create expansion which is why I came to be physically-focused in the first place. There is nothing about me that is not good and loving. I am perfect just the way I am.

Let's review the steps:

  1. Be okay with the way you feel. Your emotions are just the vibrational expression of the contrasting thought you are thinking.
  2. Determine the thought that no longer serves you.
  3. Decide what you would rather have instead. Choose the most expansive thought you can think of.
This technique works no matter what contrast you are experiencing. If you would like a more detailed explanation of this technique feel free to download my eBook, Your Intuition Compass: Let Your Higher Self Lead You to a Joyful Life. You can get it at

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