Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tapping for Gratitude

Tapping on gratitude saved my life during a 2 am nightmarish, rushed MRI the night of my surgery, when I was in severe pain, couldn't see, couldn't move, and no one would tell me what was going on.  I went inward and mentally tapped on gratitude for that long 45 minutes in the MRI machine.  I was able to connect with God in this way, calm myself down, and breathe again. 

The following is a tapping script I made for myself afterwards for recovery from my major surgery.  I also recorded an audio of my own voice with music in the background that I tap along with daily.

No Set-up is required.  Just keep moving through the points, and say one phrase or line at each point.  Feel free to make your own gratitude list, and tap on that instead, as this one is specific to me.  Or just change the words to what applies to you.  There is a tapping chart here:  Just tap the points while reading.  Happy tapping!

I am grateful for my life
I am grateful for deep, long breaths
I am grateful I can feel my heart beating, and energy running through my whole body
I am grateful for birds singing, sunrises, and sunsets, the beauty of the beach in morning,
and at night with the moon sparkling on the water
I'm grateful for the color of water at night, that serene blue like heaven,
I am grateful for the love of music, filling me with peace and self expression,
I am grateful I am loved unconditionally by God and that I may love back,
I am grateful for my amazing son
and for his smile, and his happiness, his snuggles, and laughter
I am grateful he is healthy, smart, and fun
I am grateful my husband KC loves me and takes care of me,
And I can trust him to always be there for me,
and I can always just be myself with him
I am grateful for my fuzzy, sweet puppy Oliver,
who sleeps in my lap, and at my feet, and licks my toes and face,
and rolls over to be pet, perfectly content
I'm grateful for our comfortable couch and bed, and
wonderful places to rest my body, and the ease it feels resting
I'm grateful that my body gets stronger every day, and its vitality,
I'm grateful for my remarkably healed brain that is capable of great things,
I'm grateful I get the chance to be completely who I really am, all the time
I'm grateful for my healing gifts both for myself and others
I'm grateful that I'm filled with God's grace, angels, and heaven, and Reiki healing energy,
I'm grateful for EFT and my mentors,
healing me and spreading healing throughout the world,
I'm grateful that God and Jesus have filled me with heaven and hold me up when I call,
And I'm grateful that hosts of angels protect me and heal me,
and all I have to do ask
I'm grateful for the protection of fierce angels,
keeping negative energies at bay and negative thoughts or feelings of others outside my awareness
I'm grateful that I can focus on feeling good, complete, whole, and healed.
I'm grateful that I am already healed, and I all I have to do is hand it over to God,
so that I may be carried, fully in faith knowing I am already whole and healed
I'm grateful for this second chance to live my life as my best self expression,
I no longer have to hide, or ever be afraid,
as I am now a living prayer, my God within me and beside me.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gratitude to You & the Universe

I feel like I've made it through the dark night of the soul, and I am so grateful.  I'm grateful for a full breathe of air in my lungs. I'm grateful for this sweet dog laying by my side, surrendering with his puppy love of contentment.  He's not afraid.  He is just here being his sweet self.  I'm grateful I can see out of my window, and it looks clear and beautiful.  I'm grateful I even know that it's morning.

I'm grateful that my brain and mind are intact, and I'm at ease in my body. I can feel new signals forming, and there is an open space in my head of peace and light, rather than the pressure that used to dwell there. It feels open and light, blue, filled with fairy dust.

I'm grateful for my life: that I still have it, and that it is so sweet, and so filled with people who are lights to me, and who love me more than I ever knew.

I'm grateful for God restoring me to health- I can see that it is only a matter of time till my body sorts through its new signals and gets through treatment. These medications will be tapered so that I no longer need them. I am already healed and well.

I'm grateful for the Earth Angels in particular who held me up when I couldn't... Most especially my precious husband KC. If there were an MVP in getting me better, he would win it. I'm also especially grateful to my parents, for putting their lives on hold to make sure I was in good care. They take care of things of a practical nature and make sure I get the care I need. They fill me with love and good food, and keep track of details I certainly cannot.

My team of at-home evening care somehow always knew what to do, even those who didn't know me well before. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to help me through the night. Special thanks to Renee, Jenni, Sally, Rosie, and Kari. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I always felt safe with you. You believed in me, you trusted me, and you “saw” me the whole time.

Thanks to the food bringers and smiling faces with hugs, and cards, and gifts. It is so nice to feel so loved.

I don't remember most of the Earth Angel nurses in the hospital by name, but I remember them by spirit: the ones who look you in the eyes and ask you what you need. The ones who notice that you are fully present, even if you cannot express the right words. You are beautiful. You are doing God's work in many small and wonderful, and huge ways with your gifts of compassion and listening. You are healing others simply with your kindness. I pray that you take care of yourselves too, so that you can be overflowing with the compassion and love you so freely give. Thank you.

Thank you to my surgical staff as well, who handled me with compassion and respect. I give special thanks to the gifted, talented neurosurgeon Dr. Patel. When I awoke from surgery, I instantly knew it was a success, as I still had all my senses and was still fully “me”. Your hands were guided by God, and you are doing miraculous work here on Earth. What a blessing you are to your patients.

To Nanzie and Roger who set up a fund for us on, and to all those who have contributed- Thank you! That is an unexpected gift, and so very helpful. It gives us great peace of mind to have something to fall back on for our loss of work and the medical bills headed our way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To those who have and still are sending me healing, prayers, and Reiki, thank you. I feel the energy several times a day, and I know it is healing me beyond science.

To my clients who are coming in to see the other therapists, thank you.  You make it possible for me to keep the business open in my absence.  Healing Hands is a labor of love, and I hope to return to it as soon as possible.
To any I've missed with my thank you's, thank you, and I apologize. I just had brain surgery. You know who you are, and that we are grateful for what you've done for us.

Thanks to you all.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I will be taking limited appointments for the week of September 17th-20th, when I will be well recovered from surgery, and before the rest of my treatment begins.  I would love to see some clients!  Because I love what I do.  Please contact me via e-mail at, or call the office line 843-696-1342.  Thanks!