Friday, February 28, 2014

Another View of the Law of Attraction

I love this take on the Law of Attraction--  The Law of Reflection, as written by a colleague, G.P. Walsh, re-posted with permission.

The Law of Attraction
The thing you seek is within you. So there is nothing to attract.
I have never liked the term Law of Attraction. I am very happy that it has become so popular. It has done a lot of good for a lot of people. But, as a spiritual teacher, I am afraid it misses the mark. And it can even be a bit misleading.

Everything already lives within you as you. There is absolutely no need to go outside and attract it. The key is to find it within.

Now how do we do that? Well, it's not by raising your vibrational set point, or holding the perfect affirmation, or picturing what you want clearly. Let me repeat

Everything lives within you, as you

Since it is already within you the key would be awakening within you the same quality of your being which you now associate with the object you are pursuing. The object you are pursuing does not have the quality you seek. You think it does and that, if you get the object, you get the quality. But that quality is a quality of your being. It is, in fact, in you. You are projecting it on the object. The object is only a mirror in which you are refelcted.

As you come to trust more and more in this spiritual truth, the Law of Attraction will be absorbed by a higher law. What I call the Law of Reflection. And there is nothing to see in a reflection but yourself. Your awe inspiring self.
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